I've been asked to add a field to a download capture sstem I've got.
I've two tables, one that contains all the individual files info 
('single_file'), and one that records the downloads 
All good...

I've been asked to add a file_category (article, brochure, exe etc...)
And I've gone through the 'single_file' table and added the field 
'file_cat' and populated all entries with data.
I've also added a field called 'file_cat' to 'completed_downloads' but 
they are all blank.
Both tables share a common field, called 'file_name'

What I'd like to do is:
Update all entries 'file_cat' on 'completed_downloads' taking the value of 

'file_cat' from 'single_file' where 'single_file.file_name' = 

Make sence?

Well, I've come up with this...
UPDATE completed_downloads SET file_cat = 'brochure' WHERE 
single_file.file_name = completed_downloads.file_name

but this will simply update ALL 'file_cat' to brochure, which is not what 
I want... (In fact the Query above does nothing, it doesn't work)

Now, the picture version...
I need to populate file_cat.
Hope it all makes sence?

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