Christopher Jones wrote:
> Adriano Rocha wrote:
> > I'm running Linux RedHat7.3 with PHP 4.3.3.
>> root # > ./configure --with-oci8 (no errors)
>> root # > make (no errors)
>> root # > make install (no errors)
>> ... it does not create the file.

That's perfectly normal. "--with-oci8" configures for built-in oci8
support, so you don't need a file.

>> Obviously, php pages on OCILogon and related functions crashes with
>> undefined function error.

Look at a page that has just:


Probably you will see that your Apache still uses the old PHP, not the
new one that you built.

Your configure line builds a PHP binary, not a PHP module or CGI. Use
the configure line from your old PHP (it's printed in the phpinfo()
output) and append "--with-oci8".
> - Does the initial "make" compile oci8.c in anyway?
> - Is your ORACLE_HOME environment variable set before you run configure?
> - Perhaps you need to use --with-oci8=$ORACLE_HOME ?
> - Double check installation by seeing if an OCI8 section is returned by phpinfo()
> See also

Yes, and see also <>, there a couple more
environment variables that should be set (and exported) before Apache
is started.


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