Good Day All,

I have an intranet GUI that allows users to select, insert, and update 
data in a db.  When data is entered into one of the screens, a C program 
is called which does some calculations and then creates a PDF file on the 
server. I want the user to then see the PDF file opened on their local 
computer (or at least be able to click a link or a button to view it). The 
local machines will use some PDF viewer to open the file (Acrobat or Yap, 
I think). My question is, how do I get PHP to push the file data from the 
server to the client, so that the user can then open the PDF locally. I'd 
like the GUI to remain open so that once the PDF is viewed, printed, and 
closed, the user is back to the GUI.  I think I'm needing a PHP Manual 
reference to some group of functions. Suggestions greatly appreciated.



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