Yes, you've got it so far. To open another browser window automatically, you
just use the target="_blank" attribute that I listed in the example in the
previous e-mail. That will spawn a new browser window with the PDF file in
it and leave the original browser window open.

If you need something more elegant such as a window without the chrome
(toolbars, address bar, etc.) then you're going to have to use a simple

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> Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 11:31 AM
> Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] How to open PDF File on Server on Local Client
> OK. So if I understand corectly, a link with the path to the 
> file on the 
> server will work. How do I have a new browser opened 
> displaying the PDF 
> more or less automatically, ie, without the user clicking 
> anything? Is 
> this a Header() function?
> David

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