> ======================================
> function LoginSystem()
>  {
     global $username;
> echo "<div align=right>";
> if ( !isset( $_SESSION['login'] ) ) {

Adam Symonds wrote:

I am starting to us functions with my work but I am having troubles
With the variables in the functions..

If I have the following function called from my page it will work but the
variable won’t
but if I put this code straight on the page then it works fine..

Any reason for the variable not to work in the function but in straight

Sample Function Below:

function LoginSystem()
echo "<div align=right>";
if ( !isset( $_SESSION['login'] ) ) {

echo "<form action=../Users/Login.php method=post>";
echo "<font size=1>Username: </font><input name=user type=text
size=10>&nbsp;<font size=1>Password: </font><input name=pass type=password
size=10>&nbsp;<input type=submit value=GO><br>";
echo "<a href=../Register.php><font size=1>Not A Member
echo "</form>";

 } else {
echo "<font size=1>Welcome $username &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a
echo "</div>";

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