might seem a bit long winded but this is how I would code it

$sql = "INSERT INTO $table ( salutation, name, city} VALUES {"
$sql .= "'".$_SESSION{'salutation']."', "
$sql .= "'".$_SESSION{'name']."', "
$sql .= "'".$_SESSION{'city']."' ) "



      mysql_query("INSERT INTO $table (
>                 salutation,
>                 name,
>                 city
>                 } VALUES {
>                 \"$_SESSION['salutation'];\",
>                 \"$_SESSION['name'];\",
>                 \"$_SESSION['city'];\"
>         }

Tristan Pretty wrote:

Not sure if this is a MySQL Q. or a PHP one, but here goes...

I'm just learning sessions...
And I'm trying to add a session variable to a MySQL database.
I've done this page that takes the results from a previous form...
But I get this error:
Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or `T_NUM_STRING' On line 83
Which is the line that relates to the line:

I've tried removing the ';' but it change nothing...?
Can anyone see my error?

header("Cache-control: private");

$_SESSION['salutation'] = $_POST['salutation'];

//MySQL connection stuff
mysql_query("INSERT INTO $table (
\"$_SESSION['salutation'];\", \"$_SESSION['name'];\", \"$_SESSION['city'];\"

//Rest of page... thanks etc...

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