Ok all of you Oracle experts out there, I've had one heck of a day wrestling with this oracle stuff. My experience with Oracle is turning into a greek tragedy.....

I'm using PHP/PEAR to execute my queries on an oracle table. I'm trying to store very long pieces of text into a CLOB field. Currently I'm getting a string too long error.

I've googled to find that there are certain limits when inserting into a table. The CLOB datafield may hold 4 gigs of text, but you may only insert 4000 bytes at a time. Or at least that's how I understand it.

Anyone got a work around for this?

I've tried:
OCIBindByName($sql,":fieldName",&$myVariable, -1);

But I'm not sure I'm using it correctly with PEAR. In my code, I have my sql statement, then I do the OCIBindByName() call, then I do my insert.

But, this gets me:
ocibindbyname(): supplied argument is not a valid OCI8-Statement resource

Which is an actual PHP/PEAR error....I think...

Anyone out there have any work around suggestions? I really dont want to parse the insert statement into pieces each being less then 4000 bytes.


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