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> Hm. Adjusted error_reporting to none.  Why would I still get:
> "Forbidden
> You don't have permission to access /method="post" on this server.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----
> Apache/1.3.28 Server at Port 80"

Nothing to do with PHP. Seems like your server will not allow you to use the
POST method...

> And if I use the address: http://localhost/apics3.php?ID=349 it complains
> about undefined variable, ID.
> "<b>Notice</b>:  Undefined variable:  ID in <b>c:\program files\apache
> group\apache\htdocs\apics3.php</b> on line <b>11</b><br />"

Because of your error_reporting level. You say you changed it, but do the
changes reflect in a phpinfo() page?

> My php.ini contains:
> <quote>
> ; This directive tells PHP whether to declare the argv&argc variables
> ; would contain the GET information).  If you don't use these variables,
> ; should turn it off for increased performance.
> register_argc_argv = On
> <unquote>

Nothing to do with error reporting. This is mainly used for the command

> Sounds like I've adjusted the wrong file.  I have only one php.ini file in
> c:\winnt (apart from the one in c:\php\backup), the one in
> c:/PHP/php-4.3.2-Win32 is called php.ini-dist and php.ini-recommended.  I
> haven't touched these.  Should I?

You should have copied one of those files to create your initial php.ini.
Take a look at the output of phpinfo() and it'll tell you where PHP is
reading it's php.ini file in the first block. If a path is shown, but no
php.ini file at the end, that's where PHP is expecting to find the php.ini
file, but it's not there. If a full path to php.ini is shown, then that's
the file you should be editing.

Finally, and the key to all of this, I think: restart your web server after
you make a change to php.ini.

---John Holmes...

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