Anyone who's been on these lists for a few days is already familiar with CPT John W. 
Holmes.  He's probably helped each and every one of us more times than we can count, 
all without asking for a thing.  I think it's time we help him with something.

php|cruise is coming this March.  As of now, John isn't going and I think that's a 
huge loss.  He should probably be one of those presenting, but at the very least, I'd 
like him in our midst.  He certainly deserves it.

I'm asking all of you to join me in Operation "Send Captain on the Cruise."  All it 
takes is a few minutes to PayPal a contribution to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Donations of any 
size are welcome, and every little bit helps.  If enough of us chip in, John and his 
wife can get away for a bit, significantly reducing the chance that she'll cut off his 
PHP Mailing List privileges. ;)

For those who are wondering, this was my idea, not John's.  I did ask for his 
clearance and assured him that I'll take responsibility for any backlash.  If you 
don't like this idea, tell me, not him.  Thanks a lot. :)

Edward Dudlik
"Those who say it cannot be done
should not interrupt the person doing it."

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