Edward, et al --

...and then Becoming Digital said...
% I'm asking all of you to join me in Operation "Send Captain on the Cruise."  All it 
takes is a few minutes to PayPal a contribution to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Donations of any 
size are welcome, and every little bit helps.  If enough of us chip in, John and his 
wife can get away for a bit, significantly reducing the chance that she'll cut off his 
PHP Mailing List privileges. ;)

A wonderful idea.

Now the only other thing is to 1) know how much a php|cruise ticket costs
and 2) know where the donations stand.  We need John to update us once a
month or so -- or for you to bug him and then YOU update us once a month
or so.

Thanks again to all, including John, & HTH & HAND

David T-G                      * There is too much animal courage in 
(play) [EMAIL PROTECTED] * society and not sufficient moral courage.
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