Thanks for the kinds words.  I'm glad this has been well received (so far).

To make a donation, simply login to PayPal and click the "Send Money" tab at the top 
of your screen.  Once there, put [EMAIL PROTECTED] in the "Recipient's Email" field 
and fill out the remaining fields to your liking. :)

Edward Dudlik
"Those who say it cannot be done
should not interrupt the person doing it."

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PayPal a contribution to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Fabulous idea Ed, I wish I'd a thunk it for me. At the risk of seeming
ignorant (same risk I run each day by just getting out of bed) how
exactly do I "PayPal a contribution to [EMAIL PROTECTED]"? I have
made Paypal contributions before, but I've never seen (to my
recollection) one done directly before.



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