On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 15:54, Larry E.Ullman wrote:
> >> To make a donation, simply login to PayPal and click the "Send Money" 
> >> tab at the top of your screen.  Once there, put 
> >> [EMAIL PROTECTED] in the "Recipient's Email" field and fill 
> >> out the remaining fields to your liking. :)
> Even though this thread is much more PHP-related than many of the 
> topics discussed here (sadly), could it be taken off list, please? Cpt 
> Holmes is certainly a valuable asset to these lists but the time 
> everyone spends reading two emails (PHP General and PHP-DB) every time 
> someone does or does not donate to the cause is time better spent 
> earning money for the cause, no?
> Not trying to be cranky, just worried that the 16 emails I've already 
> seen in the past hour may not be the end of it!
> Larry

Anyone got a double rot13 decoder for the above message? ;)

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