Chris - it might take a little work, but I think I have a good solution for ya. I would maybe use the $id as the key, and then use hidden inputs to set the other stuff in a multidimensional array..... like so

<input type="checkbox" name="del[<?=$id?>][path]" value="<?=$path?>">
<input type="hidden" name="del[<?=$id?>][title]" value="<?=$title>">

then, on the flip side of the script when you need the data, the array keys are the actual id's you need, and the multidimensional array has keys of [path] and [title] like below

$del[1][path] == '/home/monkey';
$del[1][title] == 'monkeystuff';
$del[2][path] == 'home/donkey/';
$del[2][title] == 'donkeystuff';

you can access this array by doing the following...

foreach($del as $id => $slot) {
   echo $id.'<br />';
   echo 'path = '.$slot[path].'<br />';
   echo 'title  = '.$slot[title].'<br />';

Hope this helps...

Rolf Brusletto

Chris Payne wrote:

Hi there everyone,

I have this system where you can create folders on your HD for inserting PDF files via a web interface and you can also remove these folders, this works no problem, but I have run into a snag, I need to send more than 1 field in the below array via a form, how can I do?

Basically, aswell as sending the ID, I need to send the title and path too and i'm abit confused.

<input type="checkbox" name="del[]" value="<?=$id?>">

Any help would be VERY appreciated :-)

Thanks everyone.


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