In the input definition onclick call a javascript function with all your parameters. 
Might be a missing quote here and there but this is close to ones I use all the time:
echo "<br><input type=button value = \"Go\" 
Now here is what is in "yourjavascriptfunctio('$parameter1,$parameter2,$parameter3'):

function yourjavascriptfunction(this1,this2,this3)
{"proofexcel.php3?batch_id=" + 
window.document.forms(0).LabBatchPicker.value + "&parameter1=" + this1 
+"&parameter2="+ this2 + "&parameter3=" + this3" );
return true;

Lots of different ways you can do this.
Let me know

Chris Payne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi there everyone,

I have this system where you can create folders on your HD for inserting PDF files via 
a web interface and you can also remove these folders, this works no problem, but I 
have run into a snag, I need to send more than 1 field in the below array via a form, 
how can I do?

Basically, aswell as sending the ID, I need to send the title and path too and i'm 
abit confused.

 [input] " name=del[]>

Any help would be VERY appreciated :-)

Thanks everyone.


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