I tried to use OCINewCollection with PHP 5 beta, but I got the same results.
Has anybody used this function with Oracle8i (8.1.7) on Windows?
What kind of (oracle or php) settings can result this behaviour?

> I'm trying to use the OCINewCollection function, but if I don't specify
the 'schema' parameter for this
> function, then I get the 'ocinewcollection(): OCI8 Recursive call!' error
message, and the page never appears
> (I must restart IIS). If I give a typename, that does not exsits on the
Oracle server, then it ends up with the
> same results.
> If I specify the 3. parameter, then I always get the 'type not found'
message (OCI-22303), and the php-
> variable gets bool(false) value.

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