First, I will admit that I am new to PHP.  I'm installing PHP on our Windows
2K / IIS server for some users who want to use it.  We also host SQL Server
7 for websites.  I'm getting the following error on the server, and on the
client's webpages:

PHP Warning: Unknown(): Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library) 'msql.dll'
in Unknown on line 0

Here is what I have done so far:

- I originally installed PHP 4.3.3 on the server using the Windows Installer
- Uncommented out the extension=php_mssql.dll line inside of the php.ini
- Figured out that I needed to download the extensions since they weren't
included in the Installer version.
- Added all of the php_*.dll files to the same directory as the PHP.EXE
file.  (I've also tried putting these in the WINNT\System32 directory, with
the same luck.)
- Made sure the msql.dll file is in the same directory as the PHP.EXE file.
(Again...tried in the WINNT\System32 directory.)
- Made sure the ntwdblib.dll file was in the same directory as the PHP.EXE
file.  (As above...tried the WINNT\System32 directory.)

Originally, I was having problems with an error about the msql.dll file not
being found.  Once I had it put into place, then the current error message
came about, and I have not been able to get it to go away.

I've tried about everything I could find on the Internet about this type of
error.  The strange thing is that it appears to be talking to SQL Server
just fine, since the PHPBB program I also installed for one user connected
to the database at least long enough to create all of the tables and fields
required in the install.php file.

I keep seeing information about having to recompile the PHP.EXE with certain
settings using FreeTDS, but from what I have gathered, that is only required
if running on Linux.  (Right??)

Any help anyone can give me would be great.


~ Tom

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