Hi Tom,

What you need to get the instalation to work is these:

php.exe (CGI version)

in the same directory. I know you can make many different combinations of
files and directories but this minimum will work. You can aslo also add
php4isapi.dll if you want to use the ISAPI version over the CGI version,
and any other extensions can be added as needed.

In order to load the mssql extension (from php.ini or with the dl()
function) you need to install the MSSQL Client Tools on the box running
php. These tools can be found on the MSSQL Server CD, or you can simply
copy ntwdblib.dll from the SQL Server tp the web server, but this will not
install the tools needed to change the configuration!

- Frank

> First, I will admit that I am new to PHP.  I'm installing PHP on our
> 2K / IIS server for some users who want to use it.  We also host SQL
> 7 for websites.  I'm getting the following error on the server, and on
> client's webpages:
> PHP Warning: Unknown(): Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library)
> in Unknown on line 0
> Here is what I have done so far:
> - I originally installed PHP 4.3.3 on the server using the Windows
> version.
> - Uncommented out the extension=php_mssql.dll line inside of the
> file.
> - Figured out that I needed to download the extensions since they
> included in the Installer version.
> - Added all of the php_*.dll files to the same directory as the PHP.EXE
> file.  (I've also tried putting these in the WINNT\System32 directory,
> the same luck.)
> - Made sure the msql.dll file is in the same directory as the PHP.EXE
> (Again...tried in the WINNT\System32 directory.)
> - Made sure the ntwdblib.dll file was in the same directory as the
> file.  (As above...tried the WINNT\System32 directory.)
> Originally, I was having problems with an error about the msql.dll file
> being found.  Once I had it put into place, then the current error
> came about, and I have not been able to get it to go away.
> I've tried about everything I could find on the Internet about this type
> error.  The strange thing is that it appears to be talking to SQL
> just fine, since the PHPBB program I also installed for one user
> to the database at least long enough to create all of the tables and
> required in the install.php file.
> I keep seeing information about having to recompile the PHP.EXE with
> settings using FreeTDS, but from what I have gathered, that is only
> if running on Linux.  (Right??)
> Any help anyone can give me would be great.
> Thanks,
> ~ Tom
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