From: "pete M" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > do not quite understand your problem.. pls post some code?
> > heres a small snippet that should work well...
> >
> > $qry = 'SELECT `customer` FROM `customerList` ORDER BY `customer`';
> > $res = mysql_query($qry);
> > while($customer = mysql_fetch_object($res)) {
> >     echo stripslashes($res->customer).'<br>'."\n";
> > }
> why the backticks and not quotes ?????

Because quotes would make it a string. Backticks are used to deliminate
column and table names.

If you said: SELECT 'column' FROM Table

You'd get a result set with the literal string "column" as the value. Works
the same in the WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, etc clauses, also.

---John Holmes...

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