I've never seen where the file size causes a problem that wasn't one of
the file size settings either in the upload form or php.ini. I'd focus
on figuring out why it's failing on the large files before trying to
split it. No errors at all? Just a blank screen? Are you uploading the
file through a browser? 

<>< Ryan 

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If you are on a Redhat machine, you could try running a CLI command on

Try looking up the 'split' command, it may solve your problem if you
combine it with some PHP.


On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 19:14, Chris Payne wrote:
> Hi there everyone,
> I'm writing an automation system to automatically insert data into a
mysql database from a CSV file, and it works great - until I try to
insert a large file, then it just doesn't do anything.
> I've set my PHP filesize to 10 Megs so that's not the issue, and a
server timeout isn't the issue either.  So, is that a way that I can
split a CSV file into 2 files if it's larger than a certain size so that
I can still use the automation I am working on?
> Actually, I won't see the files as it's for a company who just wants 
> to be able to select their CSV file (No matter what size) and it will 
> insert it automatically, and as I said it does work on small files but

> not large :-(
> Any help would really be appreciated.
> Chris

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