try to parse the csv file line by line and you won't have memory problems
$d = "\t"; // fields delimiter
$fp = fopen ($file_name, "r");
while ($arr_row = fgetcsv ($fp, 4096, $d, "")) {
    do_something ($arr_row);
 fclose ($fp);
(fgetcsv returns an array containing the fields read.)


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From: "Chris Payne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 1:14 AM
Subject: [PHP-DB] Splitting a CSV file

Hi there everyone,

I'm writing an automation system to automatically insert data into a mysql
database from a CSV file, and it works great - until I try to insert a large
file, then it just doesn't do anything.

I've set my PHP filesize to 10 Megs so that's not the issue, and a server
timeout isn't the issue either.  So, is that a way that I can split a CSV
file into 2 files if it's larger than a certain size so that I can still use
the automation I am working on?

Actually, I won't see the files as it's for a company who just wants to be
able to select their CSV file (No matter what size) and it will insert it
automatically, and as I said it does work on small files but not large :-(

Any help would really be appreciated.


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