Well this shouldnt be any problem. I suspect you dont
know how to set up the email routine since your asking.

All you need to do is insert a sendmail script together with the
update of the mySQL database. You could use PHPs internal
functions for this, but Ill recommend you using PHPmailer which
is heavily documentet with tons of examples on how to use.

The PHPmailer is located at sourceforge and you should find it
right away. It has to be the most elegant way I know of sending
emails from PHP scripts.

And as a bonus, the PHPmailer is under active development so
you will most likely never run into problems using it, :)

Kim Steinhaug
There are 10 types of people when it comes to binary numbers:
those who understand them, and those who don't.

"Redhat" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have created a simple form that dumps input information into a mysql
> database.  The person that I created it for said it would be nice if it
> would also notify him by email that an entry was added to the database.
> I have no idea where to begin with that - any ideas?
> thanks,
> DF

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