Only just to say:
There is no way how to grab PHP source code from remote computer!!!
1/ As I said: communicating with another computer is always using some
protocol (HTTP,HTTPS,FTP,GOPHER,SMTP....) And using http protocol always
pass the code through php parser before it's sended to you. Always, there is
no way how to escape this.
2/ Try to imagine, what should be possible if you are able to do it... you
can steal every source codes... with passwords, dataabse administrator
access.. We are all glad it's not possible to do it

But there is way if the remote computer, you want to grab the codes from is
under your control (or part of it).

> There *must* be some way, because when you point your
> web-browser to it loads the source, so
> windows reads the source to display and the webserver
> handles the requests.  So there must be some way to
> actually grab it?  Or no?  I don't mean the HTML
> source I mean the entire PHP source.

As I wrote, no way unless you have that code under your control

And be really carefull, what are you doing NEVER do this customizable from
users to prewent downloading other sources, that you you want them to


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