If you have to build complex, dynamic tables, do yourself a favour and use a
class that will allow you to feed directly arrays of numbers.
I use PEAR HTML_Table, which is great and easy to use.
You will have recouped the investment of learning the class after about one

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Subject: [PHP-DB] calculations using variables in html table cell

> I am generating html tables dynamically. Each table has multiple columns
> and various calculations need to be done on each column and displayed
> at the bottom of the column. I am including the code from one table below.
> The $tablerow generates the table data and the $tablefooter generates the
> rows at the bottom that will include the calculated values.
> Preceding the $tablerow declaration, I have declared some variables and
> calculations. I then included these
> in the $tablefooter to display the calculated values. This works fine.
> However, I have many other calculations on other columns in other tables.
> Using this method, I would have to declare many new variables just for
> calculations.
> I am wondering if there is a way to do these calculations directly in the
> table cells. I am pretty new to PHP and have not used calculations much.
> $sumpop += $POP;
> $sumadultcirc += $ADULTCIRC;
> $sumjuvcirc += $JUVCIRC;
> $tablerow[1] = "<tr><td>" . $row["name"] . "</td>" .
> "<td>$POP<td>$ADULTCIRC</td>
> EFPERCAP</td></tr>";
> $tablefooter[1] = "<tr><td><b>Table total</b></td><td><b>$sumpop</b></td>
> /td>
> </tr>
> <tr><td><b>Table average or per capita</b></td><td><b>$POPAV</b></td>
> >
> <td><b>$CIRCPERAV</b><td><b>$TOTREFAV</b><td><b>$REPERAV</b></td></tr>";
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