I have an if statement which includes two mail() functions. Curiously, the second one 
in that it results in e-mails being received. But the first doesn't - and I cannot for 
the life of me 
figure out why.

The code is below. It is part of the final sequence for registering for an on-line 
session. $email is a session variable and I know it is working (as it is in the from 
field of the 
second e-mail).


if ($sequencer == 3){
$email_message="Dear $name $surname: \n\n
Your BrainStorm session has been set up. Once payment has been received, you can 
access your session at 
http://www.jpb.com/sylvia/brainstorm.php?brainstorm_id=$brainstorm_id. \n\n
Alternatively, you can go to http://www.jpb.com/sylvia/, click on the BrainStorm link 
and enter 
the BrainStorm session number: $brainstorm_id. \n\n
You may invite up to $invites participants to join you. If they have not BrainStormed 
Sylvia before, recommend they visit at least ten minutes prior to the session in order 
register and read the instructions. \n\n
Also be sure you forward the URL and/or BrainStorm session number to participants so 
they can join you. \n\n
If you have any comments, please feel free to send them to us by replying to this 
e-mail. \n\n
Sylvia Automatic Reply";
mail($email,"Your Sylvia BrainStorm session information",$email_message,"From: 

if ($invite == "yes"){  
        foreach($bs_email as $key => $emailgetter){

$mail_message="Dear $bs_name[$key] $bs_surname[$key]: \n
$name $surname has invited you to participate in a brainstorming 
session on: \n
(BrainStorm session number: $brainstorm_id) 
on $bs_date at $bs_time. \n

Please confirm via e-mail or telephone your ability to participate. 
If you have not used Sylvia BrainStorm before, please visit 
http://www.jpb.com/sylvia/ to familiarise yourself with the system. 
On the day of the BrainStorm session, please log on to Sylvia, 
click on \"BrainStorm\" and enter the BrainStorm session number above.\n
This is an automatic message generated by Sylvia web based BrainStorming 
software for $name $surname. \n\n";

mail($emailgetter,"Invitation to participate in web based BrainStorm 
session",$mail_message,"From: $email");


Many thanks,

Jeffrey Baumgartner

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