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Jeffrey Baumgartner

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Date sent:              Thu, 04 Dec 2003 20:34:26 +0100
Priority:               normal
Subject:                [PHP-DB] Problem with mail()

> I have an if statement which includes two mail() functions. Curiously, the second 
> one works, 
> in that it results in e-mails being received. But the first doesn't - and I cannot 
> for the life of me 
> figure out why.
> The code is below. It is part of the final sequence for registering for an on-line 
> brainstorming 
> session. $email is a session variable and I know it is working (as it is in the from 
> field of the 
> second e-mail).
> <code>
> if ($sequencer == 3){
> $email_message="Dear $name $surname: \n\n
> Your BrainStorm session has been set up. Once payment has been received, you can 
> access your session at 
>$brainstorm_id. \n\n
> Alternatively, you can go to, click on the BrainStorm 
> link and enter 
> the BrainStorm session number: $brainstorm_id. \n\n
> You may invite up to $invites participants to join you. If they have not 
> BrainStormed with 
> Sylvia before, recommend they visit at least ten minutes prior to the session in 
> order to 
> register and read the instructions. \n\n
> Also be sure you forward the URL and/or BrainStorm session number to participants so 
> that 
> they can join you. \n\n
> If you have any comments, please feel free to send them to us by replying to this 
> e-mail. \n\n
> Sylvia Automatic Reply";
> mail($email,"Your Sylvia BrainStorm session information",$email_message,"From: 
> if ($invite == "yes"){  
>       foreach($bs_email as $key => $emailgetter){
> $mail_message="Dear $bs_name[$key] $bs_surname[$key]: \n
> $name $surname has invited you to participate in a brainstorming 
> session on: \n
> $issue 
> (BrainStorm session number: $brainstorm_id) 
> on $bs_date at $bs_time. \n
> Please confirm via e-mail or telephone your ability to participate. 
> If you have not used Sylvia BrainStorm before, please visit 
> to familiarise yourself with the system. 
> On the day of the BrainStorm session, please log on to Sylvia, 
> click on \"BrainStorm\" and enter the BrainStorm session number above.\n
> This is an automatic message generated by Sylvia web based BrainStorming 
> software for $name $surname. \n\n";
> mail($emailgetter,"Invitation to participate in web based BrainStorm 
> session",$mail_message,"From: $email");
> }
> }
> etc...
> }
> </code>
> Many thanks,
> Jeffrey Baumgartner
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