Hi there,

I have a LAMP appplication which sends a report via email if a database error occures. This workes pretty fine. The message contains sql statement and error message from the db server.

Lately there are lots of errors showing up every few days which look not
like sql errors. Sometimes the message only contains "error executing mysql statement:" And thats it. In most cases it contains the sql statement as well (as it should!), but the error message from the sql server is missing.

So this seems to be a problem of the server. I am running a 1 year old mysql version which might contain bugs. My guess is that there is a machine crawling my site which brings the server down. But I cant prove it. If such a message occures it always comes with tens or even hundred messages all sent in a few or even one minute.

Has anybody a suggestion what to do, or a hint what could be happening here?

Thanx a lot in advance,


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