On Thursday 11 December 2003 17:27, Ng Hwee Hwee wrote:

> can I know when does the magic_quotes_gpc start adding slashes and
> stripping slashes?

magic_quotes_gpc is for incoming GET/POST/Cookie data (NB it does not strip 
slashes) ...

> I removed my EscapeShellCmd and my data is inserted and retrieved from the
> database just as i wanted. The problem now comes when I retrieve that data
> and immediately inserted them into another table..

... you can enable magic_quotes_runtime if you want to automatically quote 
data retrieved from DB (and other runtime generated data) ...

But you would be much better off if you disable all magic_quotes_* and do 
manual quoting and escaping where necessary. That way you will know exactly
what is being done to your data.

> then I get a MySQL error
> 1064 whenever my value has a single-quote in it.

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