I have checked and rechecked my code on these php to mysql statements and for some reason I either get no data (through php, where through a command line I get all the data I need) or errors on the update function. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

$sql = mysql_query("SELECT hostname FROM $table WHERE vlan = $_POST[dhcp_hosts]",$db)or die(mysql_error());

from the command line
SELECT hostname FROM hosts WHERE vlan = 'Vlan-22';

And I get results... I don't get it.

And for the update statement I am having problems with...
$sql_global = mysql_query("UPDATE $tble SET dn = '$_POST[dn]' SET lt = '$_POST[lt]' SET mlt = '$_POST[mlt]' SET msc01 = '$_POST[msc01]' SET msc02 = '$_POST[msc02]' SET msc03 = '$_POST[msc03]' SET msc04 = '$_POST[msc04]' WHERE id = '1'",$db)or die(mysql_error());

If you echo the posted vars they are all present and the same statement works in other places of the script and from the command line.

Any help is appreciated.

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