That is the major issue at hand, the slow "Live" DB calls.  Is there any way
around it while maintaining the constraints listed below using another
method of standard communication.  Is the "slow" going to be unacceptable?
I used SOAP to call an off site document server and that was slow. I do not
think that is a good comparison because my two servers would be on the same
gigabit network.

I am mostly worried about the web server, app server and DB server all being
on different machines and the SOAP layer adding an unacceptable amount of
lag in the already heavy backend.

call---->SOAP client call--->SOAP server translation->DB call----------Data
call<-SOAP client acceptance<---SOAP server transmission<-DB response<-Base

- Paul


I believe people are working on a SOAP extension to PHP in C, but I
could be mistaken. I like SOAP myself, it means easy interoperability
with any language with a SOAP implementation. The downside is slow
processing. "Live" DB calls on the webserver will be fairly slow.

paperCrane <Justin Patrin>

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Paul Miller wrote:

> All,
>     I am considering moving to a true 3-tier structure where the web
> does not have direct access to the database server - many times a
> requirement.  I want to keep the PHP front end and use an application
> (middle tier) to handle all the DB calls and sessions.  I could use Java
> something for the middle layer, but I do not really want to.  I would like
> to implement a PHP application server sitting on top of SQL Relay for
> pooling and DB abstraction to reduce the need to have more expertise
> necessary for implementation.  Interoperability is important, but not 100%
> necessary.
>     With all that being said, what do you think is the best method of
> communication between PHP and the application server.  Just to throw it
> there, I have thought about SOAP and XML-RPC.  I like SOAP better because
> can decrease payload a great deal by not having to use the whole struct
> method and it is more complex.  But the XML-RPC functions are written in C
> and the SOAP are in PHP.  PHP 5 has better object orientation and new XML
> libs so the SOAP functions should run much faster, but still not native.
>     What are your thoughts?
> - Paul

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