I think you have to modify the config.ini.php that comes with phpmyadmin.
I've got the same situation than you. Try that. I hope this helps you.

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> Hi gang
> as subject says ... I've got a pretty weird situation. For all users I
> create in the 'user' table in 'mysql' DB, if I set a password, that user
> becomes unable to access any DBs ... it doesn't matter if I set the pw as
> ASCII or password, still won't allow access...
> I've tried making new users and copying all settings of the default root
> user (which I've not set a PW for cuz I loose access to the main DB when I
> do that) ... nomatter what, all users can access the DBs fine when no pw
> set, but if a pw is set, MySQL reports "access denied"...
> and yes, it actually also does this when using the MySQL command line
> which makes it even weirder...
> This is a single-user test setup for development use only ... I run MySQL
> 4.0.14b on Windows XP Pro SP1 ... with Apache 2.0.48 and PHP 4.2.3 on CGI.
> Doesn't matter what kind of DB access I try; the MySQL binaries,
> PHPMyAdmin, custom made PHP/MySQL apps, or PHPBB ... if I set a PW for a
> user, that user becomes unable of accessing the DBs ...
> I've tried opening up the firewall for the MySQL server modules to access
> the Internet, but does not make a change ... hostname is set to
> in the mysql table (since all it has to work with are connections from the
> same windows session anyways)...
> is there any other place in the mysql table that I have to add/change
> than 'user' to get this to work???
> so lost here ... any help appreciated
> (and as far as I can tell, I've done every step in all MySQL install
> I could find ... atm I'm running on a restored version of the default
> DB with the % users set ... since the firewall locks out remote access, I
> didn't think it's a big deal)...
> n00b at SQL
> Rene
> -- 
> Rene Brehmer
> aka Metalbunny
> http://metalbunny.net/
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