Try these, the techniques are pretty much the same for all platforms (Pass a SOAP message which requests a method to be run on the remote server) : Maybe look on the PEAR site for PEAR::SOAP as well ?

So although they might talk about .NET or whatever, you can implement a SOAP service in pretty much any language - all it has to do is return a properly formatted message response, which your clients transform using an XSLT stylesheet in Pocket IE.

The good news : There is lots of documentation out there

The bad news : There is a steep learning curve and your boss is taking the piss if he thinks this can be rolled out by new year !

PS - What is 'ERP' ?

Good luck ;-)
Cheers - Neil.

At 12:15 26/12/2003 -0500, you wrote:
Can you recommend some good resources for doing a web service (I am
running Linux with apache, PHP, MySQL for the web server) and coding it
via XHTML, WAP or ????

The PDAs will be windows based (currently either the Dell Axim or HP
iPaq.  These will have to connect to either mobiles of the salesmen,
802.11b, lan, or modem.  It will depend on the situation at hand per
salesmen.  A GPRS phone (treo) would be cool, but the phone/plans for
the guys is not YET practical.

Currently the sales guys are accessing it via a secured web page and
once a day the web data files are parsed and put into a file which is
then being uploaded to the archaic ERP server.

The worst thing is the new ERP system I am looking at has all of this
stuff capable by itself, however since I am the only IT guy I am too
underpowered right now with other projects to get the new ERP system
folks to get numbers and implement this quickly, so I am forced to go
this route (programming my own stuff) and then moving to a new system.

I have been out of the game for too long and am NOT up to speed yet on
the best way to handle this decision, and on top of that the boss wants
it in the new year ASAP.  UGH!


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try XHTML or simply do some WAP around it will be the easiest thing... from PDA, in a WAP browser, you will just send needed requests to your current system

or maybe you'd like to use J2ME? I am experienced in this this - J2ME
rulez 'em all :)

Muhammed Mamedov

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