Monty wrote:

I SWEAR to you that I am putting a space between WHEN and BINARY and
user_name. I even typed it out manually using extra spaces between every
command to be absolutely sure, but, MySQL insists on seeing BINARY user_name
as BINARYuser_name no matter how many spaces I put between it.

Here's what worked: WHEN BINARY(user_name)='Someone'

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From: "Monty" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Hi John. The while the error message mashes BINARY and user_name together,
that's not how I am typing it in my SELECT statement if you check my


in the previous post. MySQL is doing this on it's own for some strange
reason, even though there is clearly a space between the work BINARY and
user_name in my statement.

Hmmm... There's no reason MySQL would put them together in the error message unless it was really sent that way to it. Do you print out the query in your program just to _make sure_ it's getting sent correctly? If you copy and paste from what you see printed out and try it from the command line, do you get the same result?

---John Holmes...

You can try putting backquotes (`) around the column name....

paperCrane <Justin Patrin>

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