Douglas B. Jones wrote:
> I did not see an answer on php-install.


> I have also tried oci8,
> but I get the error mentioned at the bottom of my post. I have
> the ORA_HOME set, both on the shell level and the makefile level.

It's ORACLE_HOME, not ORA_HOME. You have to set and export it in the

> I look under the ORA_HOME root with 'find ORA_HOME -name oci.h
> -print', and I get nothing. When I look for all headers, '*.h',
> I get none of the ones missing for php oci8 or oracle options.
> Thanks for the quote below, I will then want to look more to
> the oci8 calls then. Unfortunately, neither oci8 or oracle php
> option let me compile, due to the respective missing header files.

Yes, Oracle's installer is fun.


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