To try and reduce confusion, a "Client" install refers to the option
of that name in the Oracle9i Database Release installer. (The other
options are Database, Mgt & Intg, and Cluster Mgt).

This will install the headers needed to link PHP, if your previous
installer choice didn't load them.

The Oracle/PHP/Linux install notes at
skim over this but otherwise might have some info that is helpful and
applicable to Tru64.


Michael Mauch wrote:
Douglas B. Jones wrote:

I did not see an answer on php-install.


I have also tried oci8,
but I get the error mentioned at the bottom of my post. I have
the ORA_HOME set, both on the shell level and the makefile level.

It's ORACLE_HOME, not ORA_HOME. You have to set and export it in the

I look under the ORA_HOME root with 'find ORA_HOME -name oci.h
-print', and I get nothing. When I look for all headers, '*.h',
I get none of the ones missing for php oci8 or oracle options.
Thanks for the quote below, I will then want to look more to
the oci8 calls then. Unfortunately, neither oci8 or oracle php
option let me compile, due to the respective missing header files.

Yes, Oracle's installer is fun.


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