I have the following example case:
1- More than 1000 record in my MySQL database.
2- I have to submit those record via HTTP GET or POST method.
3- I  have to read the confirmation message that will be printed on the
remote page showing me that the vars have been inserted in the remote
4- of course, I have a limitation of executing time of 30 seconds and i
should not modify the php.ini

i did the following scenario :

function send_rec($var1 , $var2 ,$var3  ){
$handle =
"r") ;
$data = fread($handle, 11);
if ($data == $var1) return true; else return false;
for ($i=0 ; $i<NUM OF RECORDS ; $i++)
send_rec( $var1 , $var2 , $var3 );

1-the problem is that the 30 second of execution time expired before i can
send even 200 records.
2- in case of not connection of the remote page, and i did not get the $var1
printed  ($data == $var1) then i have to re submit this record.


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