Nabil wrote:
1-the problem is that the 30 second of execution time expired before i can
send even 200 records.

Personally I'd call set_time_limit once for each iteration of the loop with a sensible timeout like 30 seconds. Alternatively you can call it once at the start of the script with a timeout of 0 to let it run as long as it needs to.

2- in case of not connection of the remote page, and i did not get the $var1
printed  ($data == $var1) then i have to re submit this record.

The for loop doesn't make much sense since $var1/2/3 don't change with each iteration, but assuming $i is used to select the record to send something like this should do the trick...

for ($i=0 ; $i<NUM_OF_RECORDS ; $i++)
    if (!send_rec( $var[$i][0] , $var[$i][1] , $var[$i][2] ))
        $i--; // Redo this record

I'd suggest you add something to ensure you don't retry the same record forever, but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader :)


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