I have problem with manipulating the string...
How to send the string with special character
included to the other pages...

For example the string "Father & Son", when I send into
other page the display become "Father"
Example special characters are &, +, <, >, etc

How to fix it??? Thanks very much for your kind attention

Best Regards,

PHP sample

file 1 : string_test.php

$title="Father & Son";
echo "the real title : $title";

<p><a href="string_display.php?stitle=<? echo $title;?>">next page</a></p>


file 2 : string_display.php

echo "in this page<br>";
echo "the title : $stitle";
<p>Could you fix this problem??</p>
<P>the title should be "Father & Son"<p>
<p>the problem is using the special character ( &, +, ", <, >, etc)</p>
<p><a href="string_test.php">back</a></p>


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