I've read several posts touching this subject, but I didn't find one that
asks a simple question I've been wondering about since I first used PHP and
that is also one of the two really really bad things about PHP (the other
being lack of OO):
Why isn't there a DB abstraction layer right in PHP, so people writing some
web app for redistribution don't have to care about the different DBs
Why is there no modularization in this area, such that it'd be the _normal_
way not to write things like $dbh = ibase_pconnect( ... ), but $dbh =
sql_connect( "Firebird", ... )
and that would internally check if a Firebird/InterBase driver is available
and if so, use it.
Surely there are some differences in SQL conformance and syntax extensions,
but even that could be handled by such a layer to some extent.

Thanks for any insight,

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