This is true. And another aspect I forgot to mention is an admin version of the whole site because the user wants to be able to update and change text in either the English or Spanish site. This way I only have to build (design, code HTML) the site once and then I essentially have four different sites (English, Spanish, Admin-Eng, Admin-Esp).

A separate question is this: where are the good resources for XML on the web?



On Jan 16, 2004, at 4:18 AM, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

The advantage of doing it the way Dan describes is that it is
very easy to set up an admin tool for the person doing the translating.
Dan can fill up the English half of the db, and then write a
page that queries the db for any empty Spanish entries, displays
them in a select box, and allows the translator to enter the
Spanish text in to the db. This way, when new English text is
added, all the translator has to do is check the page, the new
phrases will automatically be displyed.

The translator doesn't need any knowledge of HTML, and doesn't
need to involve any other person to upload the text.

Maybe this can be done with XML as well, I don't know. But we
recently used this system for a English/French site I worked
on and it worked very well.


= = = Original message = = =

Forgive me if this is pedestrian or has been covered before.
 I'm new
to the list and I haven't used PHP too much (yet).

Here's my question:

I'm looking to use PHP for an upcoming site project where the
needs to be in either English or Spanish. Would PHP be a good
I was envisioning having a database with every text bit and image
text in it in two columns, one for English, and one for Spanish.
each web page would reference some kind of global variable (a
to determine whether to pull the images and text from the English

column or the Spanish column. Does this sound like a good approach?
PHP capable of something like this?

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give.

Dan Hewins

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