Thank you for your help Martin,

I am aware of the seperation stuff you are talking. There is a much more
professional term for that 'Design Patterns' use in JAVA (I tell you as a
JAVA professional).. I am also aware of need for code and design

What I meant here is that NOT every project needs this! If you are on a
small project it is much easier to write straight forward, without making
this hard seperation..

By the way thanks for "HTML_Template_IT " advice.. I will check that out. If
you have any other advice I am waiting..

What do you think guys how it is better to seperate PHP code from Design

Muhammed Mamedov

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> Mensaje citado por Muhammed Mamedov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > Thank you for your comments Ignatius.
> > (just to note) : I do not agree that all projects SHOULD require CLEAR
> > sepeartion of code and appearance.
> Let me disagree with you! :-)
> I a multi-tiered design yuo have a client layer, a server layer (this
should be the
> PHP pages on the server), and the database layer (simply for storage).
> Now, the server layer is easier to maintain if you have it devided in a
> layer and a presentation layer.
> The presentation layer should have programs that print the results.
> Now, to make it even easier to maintain your code, abstraction of HTML
code from the
> PHP code is the best way to go. It make the PHP more readable, and the
HTML easy to
> edit by non programmers.
> > Further on this issue:
> > Consider that there are lots of dynamic stuff like "news", and there are
> > thousands of users and all data is stored in a database. Currently data
> > stored as a simple text. And I want to provide users (or their graphic
> > editors) to display these "news" on their page in the way they like. So,
> > achieve this task I need a nice seperation of code and design. We may
> > achieve a 100% seperate work, but at least a graphical designer (who
> > know any PHP) has to be able to develop a new design for his customers
> > user) with ease.
> I think you should point to HTML_Template_IT (
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