Le mercredi 21 janvier 2004, 13:55:26 ou environ Alain Barthélemy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
a écrit:

Still another question in my (desperate?) trials to connect to a MsSQL-2000
Server from a Linux host.

I don't work usually with MsSQL but no choice at work. Still problems to have a
connections. I went to see the SQL-server administrator and she found that the
same person had 4 connections to the server (and not having 4 jobs at the same
time). The server is quickly saturated (undersized) and I suppose that the
mssql_connect() request of my PHP script is just ignored because there is no
place left (bad configuration of the MsSQL server?).

Now I wonder if it would be possible to keep a stable connection with

Can anybody enlighten me?

Alain Barthélemy
Linux User #315631

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