mssql_pconnect() may add to problem of too many connections.  The reason
is because the persistent connection is associated with the Apache child
process and not the script.  This is significant because you are not
guaranteed to be served by the same child everytime the script is invoked.
Thus, over an extendend period of operation, the result will be a
persistently open connection for each active Apache child process.

-- bob

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Alain [iso-8859-15] Barthélemy wrote:

> Le mercredi 21 janvier 2004, 13:55:26 ou environ Alain Barthélemy <[EMAIL 
> PROTECTED]> a écrit:
> Still another question in my (desperate?) trials to connect to a MsSQL-2000
> Server from a Linux host.
> I don't work usually with MsSQL but no choice at work. Still problems to have a
> connections. I went to see the SQL-server administrator and she found that the
> same person had 4 connections to the server (and not having 4 jobs at the same
> time). The server is quickly saturated (undersized) and I suppose that the
> mssql_connect() request of my PHP script is just ignored because there is no
> place left (bad configuration of the MsSQL server?).
> Now I wonder if it would be possible to keep a stable connection with
> mssql_pconnect()?
> Can anybody enlighten me?
> --
> Alain Barthélemy
> Linux User #315631
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