Yes they are...

I tried to put them into the httpd.conf file, like:

SetEnv ORACLE_HOME /usr/oracle

and so....

The problem still remains.

Too, I've put all the environment variables in the root env into the script.... I thought
it can be a problem with a missed variable.... But it doesn't work neither.

root user's environment was the same that the one defined into the script, and it doesn't work neither.

I don't know what more tests to do....

I check the permissions too.... They appear to be right.

I'm completely lost....

Christopher Jones wrote:

Luis Moran Ochoa wrote:

I've build the typical script for starting apache, it's like this:

.... more oracle variables ....

Are the environment variables exported in the script?:

  export ORACLE_HOME

Are all variables needed set?

Are there any permission problems accessing the Oracle home directory
during the boot process?


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