Perhaps something that isn't obvious is missing.  If you post
more detail (e.g. the exact script and the exact permissions)
someone might be able to help you.


Luis Moran Ochoa wrote:

Yes they are...

I tried to put them into the httpd.conf file, like:

SetEnv ORACLE_HOME /usr/oracle

and so....

The problem still remains.

Too, I've put all the environment variables in the root env into the script.... I thought
it can be a problem with a missed variable.... But it doesn't work neither.

root user's environment was the same that the one defined into the script, and it doesn't work neither.

I don't know what more tests to do....

I check the permissions too.... They appear to be right.

I'm completely lost....

Christopher Jones wrote:

Luis Moran Ochoa wrote:

I've build the typical script for starting apache, it's like this:

.... more oracle variables ....

Are the environment variables exported in the script?:

  export ORACLE_HOME

Are all variables needed set?

Are there any permission problems accessing the Oracle home directory
during the boot process?


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