thanks a lot for your answer. i also thought of dividing the problem into
several selects, but the application i'm working with (it's designed by a
friend of mine, which lets you easily generate XML out of an sql) only
accepts one single query..

do you know about any problems using CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE - eg. when there
are a lot of users accessing the page?

thx for your help again!


# die welt ist schnell geworden...

> Von: "Hutchins, Richard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Antworten an: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Datum: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 08:25:03 -0500
> Betreff: RE: [PHP-DB] multiple tables and amounts
> Matt,
> What about this (assuming MySQL):
> //$photoid is whatever photo you want the details for.
> $sql_a = "SELECT id FROM comments WHERE phid = '".$photoid."'";
> $sql_b = "SELECT id FROM ratings WHERE phid = '".$photoid."'";
> $result_a = mysql_query($sql_a) or
> die(mysql_error());
> $num_comments = mysql_num_rows($result_a);
> $result_b = mysql_query($sql_b) or
> die(mysql_error());
> $num_ratings = mysql_num_rows($result_b);
> echo "There were ".$num_comments." comments and ".$num_ratings." for that
> photo.";
> Since you're not doing anything really difficult with the queries, you
> probably won't see much of a speed hit by doing back-to-back queries like
> this. Besides, I think doing two straight queries like this is going to be
> faster than creating and deleting temporary tables. Just a guess.

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