i have a weired problem:

there are 3 tables:
photos (id, img)
comments (id, phid, text)
ratings (id, phid, text)

now i tried to create a query returning the amount of ratings and the amount
of comments for all images in the photo-table.

i tried it with multiple joins, but without success...
but i ended up using some CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE syntax - is there a way to
do it one-query?

SELECT comments.id, comments.phid,
COUNT(comments.id) AS ratings
FROM comments
LEFT JOIN ratings ON ratings.phid=comments.phid
WHERE comments.phid=1
GROUP BY comments.phid,

SELECT photos.*,
COUNT(photos.id) AS comments,
FROM photos
LEFT JOIN comments_temp ON comments_temp.phid = photos.id
WHERE gid=1
GROUP BY photos.id;

DROP TABLE comments_temp;

as said i would like to do it one-query, because it does not seem to me
being a simple and beautiful solution??

help would be warmly appretiated... thx alot
- mathew

# life would be easier if i knew the source code...

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