Hello to all.

I am trying to write a simple (at least I thought it was simple...) "Contact Us" form 
sends an email when it is submitted.

The $to_name variable was passed from a previous page. I am sure that the variable 
was passed, as I can echo it and it is being passed correctly - thanks to this list!

The problem I am having is this: I cannot quite figure out how an html form handles 
mail function when the "to" field is filled with an existing variable.

This is what I've got: (I removed all of the table formatting to make it clearer here)

<form name="mailer" method="post" action="<? $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>">
<input name="from_name" type="text" id="from_name" value="<?=$from_name?>">
<input name="from_email" type="text" id="from_email" value="<?=$from_email?>">
<input name="subject" type="text" id="subject" value="<?=$subject?>" size="60">
<textarea name="message" cols="55" rows="15" 

<input name="userid" type="hidden" id="userid" value="<?$to_name?>" />
          <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="mail">

So, I think that this sets up the form for processing, AFAIK.

Then, I added the stuff that pulls the email address associated with the id in 
from the MySQL database, and adds the string for the proper domain. I've left out the 
connection stuff for clarity:

$result= mysql_query("SELECT * FROM mydatabase WHERE ID=$id",$db);
while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_row($result)){
$to_name="$myrow[3]$string"; } ?>

I know that the "thing" that actually sends mail looks like this:

mail($to_name, $from_name, $subject, $message, "From: $from_email\nX-Mailer: PHP/" 
.. phpversion());       

But how do I get this all to happen when the user hits the submit button? Where does 
that mail function (is it a function?)  go? I have read a lot of stuff on the various 
PHP lists 
and sources, but I just cannot figure out this piece of the puzzle.

TIA for your suggestions, and for your patience with my lack of knowledge here.

-- Phil Matt

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