Ricardo Lopes wrote: 

> There are several ways to do this. 
> Some people like the approach: 
> if ($submit) { send_email(); } 
> or you can put a hidden field in your form, like op: 
> <input name="op" type="hidden" id="op" value="send" /> 
> and use: 
> if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['op']) && ($HTTP_GET_VARS['op'] == 'send')) 
> { 
>     send_email(); 
> } 

Thanks again, Ricardo. I now have the form communicating with the server. 

I think that I might have an error in my script: 

Where I join together the value of the passed variable ("$myrow[3]") and the string  
containing the domain ( $string="@somedomain.com")  I used: 


If the passed variable's value is, for instance, "smith", then does my $to_name 


On hitting the submit button, I see the server being called and data being sent, but  
nothing is being received. I'm just wondering if I've appended those two things 

TIA for your continued assistance. 

Cheers --- Phil 

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