ODBTP version 1.1 has been released is available at

Many new functions and enhancements have been added to the odbtp
extension.  The changes make it the best PHP solutiion for connecting to
MSSQL, Access, FoxPro and other Win32 ODBC accessible databases from any

Its native connection pool eliminates the need for persistent connectinns.

All of the functions from the mssql extension are optionally supported.
This means that existing PHP scripts that use the mssql extension would not
have to modified to use ODBTP. The odbtp/mssql hybrid extension's
performance and capabilities exceed both the FreeTDS (UNIX / Linux) and
DB-Library (Win32) versions of the mssql extension.  ODBTP uses
Microsoft's ODBC driver for SQL Server, which is superior to FreeTDS and
DB-Library when connecting to SQL Server 2000 databases. And, unlike the
mssql extension, the odbtp/mssql extensinn's behaviour is exactly the same
on all platforms.

While the functions from the odbc extension are not supported, the odbtp
extension provides better support for ODBC.  Most of the odbc extension's
limitations are caused by its use of ODVC 2 instead of ODBC 3, which is
used by ODBTP.  The odbtp extension is also considerably faster.

Rather than further elaborating on why odbtp is the best sulution, which
is obviously biased, the best thing is for users of the mssql and / or
odbc extensions to try the odbtp extension.  Not until then will they be
able to determine whether or not the aforementioned is correct.  And, to
make it easy to try odbtp, a PEAR DB driver is included in the package.

-- bob

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