Hi Alain

It is very safe.  The ODBTP service has been running on a production
machine that is also running SQL Server 2000.  It has been running without
failure since 12/15/2003, and has served over 1.5 million connections. A
single ODBTP server is being used to connect to several MSSQL
6.5, MSSQL 7.0, MSSQL 2000, FoxPro and Access databases.

Your admin can go to http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en and
http://www.ushmm.org/namesearch/ to view
example sites that are using ODBTP. Both sites are hosted on a Solaris
server running Apache/PHP, and communicate with a Win 2000 server running
ODBTP & SQL Server 2000.

-- bob

 On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Alain [iso-8859-15] Barthélemy wrote:

> Le jeudi 12 février 2004, 10:04:12 ou environ Robert Twitty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a 
> écrit:
> > Hi Alain
> >
> > > Documentation is just to manage and understand odbtp_set_attr(...) and so on
> >
> > Documentation for all of the odbtp functions is available in <odbtp
> > source>/docs.  You can alos view it online at
> > http://odbtp.sourceforge.net/phpext-index.html
> >
> > -- bob
> >
> Hi Bob,
> Thank you for the Url of the ODBTP documentation. Now I can work usefully. I
> already transferred some FTP pages that were working without problems before
> on a Linux host with FreeTDS and suddenly stopped working without reason. Now
> it works!
> The only left problem is practical. I am working in a windows-addicted
> environment (sorry! Just a way of speaking) and I have to use my dual-boot PC
> to install ODBTP and my own old Toshiba PII labtop to install Apache/PHP/ODBTP
> client. And I would like to recover the Linux partition of my DeskTop PC. It is
> stupid to block a PC just to host ODBTP.
> One question: is it safe to install the ODBTP service on the MsSQL servor? It
> sounds logical for me but I have to convince the Admin to do it. Then the ODBTP
> and MsSQL servor addresses will be the same.
> Thanks,
> --
> Alain Barthélemy
> http://bartydeux.be
> Linux User #315631
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